Ferry Crew Pushes Passenger to Death

Crewmembers aboard the inter-island ferry, known as the “BLUE HORIZON,” tragically contributed to the death of a man as they pushed him when he tried to onboard the departing ferry. Shockingly, the crew failed to assist after the man fell off the ferry. The four crewmembers responsible are facing charges related to their involvement in the altercation that resulted in the death of the 36-year-old individual, Antonis Kargiotis.

According to reports, Mr. Kargiotis purchased a ticket but disembarked from the ship for undisclosed reasons. He subsequently rushed back to the vessel as it was departing, attempting to board via the lowered car ramp. During his first attempt, a crewmember forcibly pushed him back. Regrettably, on his second attempt to board, Mr. Kargiotis was pushed into the water as the ferry moved away from the dock.

Coronary reports indicate that Mr. Kargiotis drowned, with a small contusion on his head, suggesting he likely hit the dock or the ramp when he fell. Some passengers aboard the ferry even claim that one of the propellers struck him on the head when he fell into the water.

The port authority has already cited the ferry for a violation related to the improper securing of the ramp during departure. Media reports also include bridge camera footage showing that the captain did not halt the ship when the person went overboard. An investigation is underway to determine why the crewmembers were so adamant about refusing entry to the passenger that they resorted to pushing him off the ship.

The three crewmembers and the ship’s captain have appeared before a Greek prosecutor. The captain is facing charges related to dangerous navigation, while the crewmember responsible for pushing Mr. Kargiotis is charged with manslaughter. The other two crewmembers, who were bystanders, are accused of complicity in manslaughter.

The operator of the ferry, “Blue Star Ferries,” is now under intense scrutiny from both the public and the government. Attica Group, the owner of Blue Star Ferries, has publicly acknowledged the resignation of CEO Spyridon Paschalis and has committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation with the assistance of independent external advisors.

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