EPS and China Power green energy and renewable fuels collaboration

This partnership marks an important milestone in pursuing a cleaner, more sustainable future for the maritime and power generation industries.

The signing is a historic starting point that will strengthen the communication and strategic cooperation between our two organisations. Our framework agreement will lay the groundwork for expanding joint efforts towards market development to promote the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

By leveraging our combined expertise, we aim to unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver tangible solutions that address the pressing global challenges of maritime decarbonisation and sustainability, said EPS Commercial Drector Tay Gak Yong.

Under the agreement, EPS and China Power will cooperate to advance the development and adoption of energy solutions for the maritime industry, including green ammonia and green methanol. 

The FCA comes at a time when the impetus for alternative marine fuel and power generation solutions are at an all-time high. Various government mandates and ambitious corporate social responsibility agendas have made it clear that sustainability efforts must be accelerated. The FCA aims to provide both industries with viable and scalable solutions that will aide in global decarbonisation and environmental preservation, commented EPS.


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