Eolus explores strategy options for offshore wind business

Swedish renewables developer Eolus has initiated a strategic review of its offshore wind business with the aim of creating “the best conditions” for permitting and realising its projects.

The examination includes the possibility of looking for a strategic partner with the expertise and resources to help accelerate the development and implementation of offshore initiatives.

“We want to do everything we can to increase the success rate for our offshore projects. One part of that is securing that we in all areas have the resources needed and can keep a high speed in the development process,” said Per Witalisson, CEO of Eolus.

As of end-March, Eolus had an offshore wind portfolio in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics comprising nine projects totalling an estimated capacity of 10 GW. The company is also developing several other offshore projects that are in an earlier development phase. 

In July, Eolus submitted the application for environmental permit for the 1 GW project, west of Gothenburg in Sweden and said it plans to apply for additional offshore projects in the near future.

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