Distroship Revolutionizes Freight Forwarding Processes with New Automation Modules to Boost Marketing and online Bookings

Distroship, a freight forwarding software editor and service provider, today announced the availability of a major new addition to its “Kailix” cloud-based freight forwarding automation suite, the only white-label platform that unifies the functional areas of freight forwarding. With the new Marketing & Sales automation tools and services, freight forwarders can now easily tap into the SME marketplace, drive online bookings and significantly boost efficiencies and growth.

To help freight forwarders quickly realize the benefits of the “Kailix” platform, Distroship has also launched a 30-day free trial of its full suite of solutions.

The “Kailix” suite, embedded into the forwarders’ websites, covers 3 modules:

• Marketing & Sales: used to promote freight forwarding services to desired exporters / importers through digital marketing to gain new clients
• Quote & Book: used by the exporters / importers, on their forwarders’ websites, to obtain prices and services for shipments to 200+ countries worldwide for all modes of transport, and place bookings right away
• Billing & Payment: used to bill the exporters / importers and manage payments automatically for the account of the forwarders

Exporters / importers are delighted since they can fully manage their entire shipments with their freight forwarders online, in a single transaction, in less than 2 minutes, using any device (smartphone, computer or tablet).

Freight forwarders are pleased since they can provide client-specific quotes online automatically, get complete booking details in one shot and easily issue shipping documents. Furthermore, forwarders can get paid, upfront, before footing expenses. Finally, they can also grow revenue, profit and profitability altogether in line with their strategy and strengths – industry sectors, client sizes, products and trade lanes.

Christian Feller

The surge in remote work is here to stay and freight forwarders are prioritizing the digitalization of their activities. In 2019, digitalization has accelerated with several multinational freight forwarders, shipping lines and airlines ramping up efforts. In 2020, best-in-class processes, automation and a tight ecosystem have never been more important, and the trend towards digital transformation is further amplified by the Covid pandemic.

Indeed, in a recent IAG Cargo survey, as many as 81% of freight forwarders believed that technological innovation will have a positive impact on their business. There is already high adoption of digital technologies as robust new platforms solve problems related to proper resource utilization, bottom line profitability and increased connectivity across systems. As a result, the global market size for digital transformation in the freight sector that was valued at $55 billion in 2018 is anticipated to rise strongly up to $145 billion by 2025 (CAGR of 13%).

Director of Marketing Christian Feller comments: “Distroship has invested significantly to develop our Marketing & Sales automation tools and services that work really well so our freight forwarders can boost their brand’s visibility and their revenue in line with their sales strategy”.

In the end, ambitious freight forwarders, backed by “Kailix”, make it easy for their clients to buy their services and unleash their full potential.
Source: Distroship

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