CWind Implements Pioneering Bridgewatch System For CTV Safety

Reygar Ltd., the leading provider of innovative remote monitoring and reporting platforms to the offshore wind industry, has announced that it is working with CWind, part of the Global Marine Group (GMG), a principal service provider to the offshore renewables and utilities market, to drive the development of a new safety feature within the BareFLEET system. BridgeWatch, a software upgrade for BareFLEET’s reporting console, will streamline communications during crew transfer vessel (CTV) operations by providing a distraction-free route for the master to ‘check in’ with the shore team at regular intervals.

As part of its commitment to crew and technician safety, CWind has recognised the need to take preventative action and mitigate against the sort of unplanned circumstances that can often arise offshore. To simplify communications between the bridge and shore team and provide peace of mind while the vessel is in transit, CWind is working with Reygar to test and deploy an upgrade to BareFLEET that alerts the master to record their presence on the bridge at regular intervals.

BareFLEET automatically monitors the health and performance of critical equipment across each vessel, inclusive of engine health, fuel consumption, motion, and impact onto the turbine. The system also allows the crew to manually input data and observations into BareFLEET’s digital reporting platform, giving CTV operators full visibility over activity on board the vessel as data is transmitted to the shore team via the cloud.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director, Reygar Ltd, said: “In order to best support CWind in maximising both safety and operational efficiency across its fleet, we are updating BareFLEET’s digital reporting console with BridgeWatch. This upgrade isn’t about keeping tabs on the crew, it’s about creating a simple, one-button means of communicating that all is well onboard the vessel and providing the operations team with that all-important peace of mind.

“Our focus in the coming weeks is to make BridgeWatch as useful and practical as possible for the user. For example, we will be using BareFLEET’s huge bank of event data to suppress BridgeWatch alerts during periods of operation when the vessel is most at risk – such as when the vessel is travelling at high speed or in close proximity to other vessels. This will allow the master to remain completely focussed on addressing these challenges, with alerts resuming once that period has passed.”

Joshua Brennan, Director of Operations, CWind, said: “A core priority of CWind’s has always been the safety and comfort of our crew and the technicians they transport to offshore wind projects across Europe. To provide the peace of mind that both the on and offshore teams need to focus on delivering our high-quality service, we are working with Reygar to establish a number of preventative measures that minimise risk across our vessels.

“BridgeWatch is a highly efficient means for the master to touch base with the operations team and confirm that everything is okay onboard. We’ve found that the one button ‘check-in’ format of the upgrade streamlines our means of communicating and helps the master to concentrate fully on the job at hand.”
Source: Reygar

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