CLdN NEW service Leixoes (PT) -Dublin (IE) -Liverpool (UK)

CLdN is to step up preparations for the end of the Brexit transitional phase on 31st December 2020 by introducing an additional pure RoRo-service on a triangle trade between Leixoes (PT), Dublin (IE) and Liverpool (UK). With effect from week 37 2020, CLdN will operate one sailing per week from Leixoes to Dublin, followed by calling Liverpool. This new offering will provide a very efficient solution to the alternatives, cutting down on excessive road and sea miles for the trailer business especially, by following the shortest, most direct route and avoiding channel and road trips.

CLdN in the past few years has invested heavily in a fleet of modern vessels with environmentally friendly credentials offering high capacities for freight crossing the North Sea, Irish Sea and Bay of Biscay. The company has maintained its regular sailing schedules on all routes throughout the difficult Covid period and is there to serve the market with robust and reliable products going forwards into the future.

A CLdN spokesman commented: “There is a real threat of disruption on the channel routes, as was demonstrated last year with the false Brexit dates and earlier this year during the Covid crisis. Seeing as goods will have more of an administrative burden when using land bridge solutions, coupled with the British Governments desire to promote unaccompanied solutions going forwards, we anticipate direct EU trade between Iberia and Ireland, linking into Liverpool, UK will offer environmental benefits and be less prone to disruptions or interruptions as seen on the short straights’ With a network of short sea services, connecting Rotterdam (NL) and Zeebrugge (BE) to London (UK), Humberside (UK), Dublin (IE), Cork (IE) as well as Santander, (ES), Porto (PT) Gothenburg (SE) and Esbjerg (DK), CLdN plays an essential part in the logistics of all types of goods. This service expansion includes the increased coverage of direct shipment possibilities from Iberia to UK and Ireland.

European short Sea Ro-Ro specialist CLdN Ro-Ro SA, who operate 30 modern Ro-Ro vessels, offering in excess of 130 sailings per week between the ports of Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, London, Killingholme, Liverpool, Dublin, Gothenburg, Esbjerg, Santander and Porto. CLdN’s core services have traditionally been the Continent / UK, which commenced in December 1974, have steadily expanded their geographical presence into new markets, including Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Spain in recent years. CLdN currently handle on an annual basis, in excess of 1 million cargo units and 1 million new cars and vans and following an investment in larger vessels and ports, current trades can be expanded, and new routes developed.
Source: CLdN

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