ChartDesk expands its footprint to Europe

Singapore based ChartDesk is pleased to announce two strategic partnerships with Consista and Herberg Systems in Europe. These partnerships will bring ChartDesk into two key markets in Europe, and enable better service to its customers.

Consista is a Danish IT service company that provides services in innovative network security, infrastructure, hosting and cloud based applications while Hamburg-based Herberg Systems is the creator of Fleettracker and software. Both companies are committed to helping shipping companies in their migration to cloud applications and provide system integration in the maritime and general logistics sector. A partnership with ChartDesk expands their suite of offerings to include shared mailbox solutions, a cornerstone of the logistics supply chain workflow.

These partnerships emphasize the key role that technology has in an increasingly complex supply chain where maritime organizations seek to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions to ensure that they remain relevant and competitive. Consista and Herberg System’s expertise in enabling technology and business synergy, seamless deployment and organizational change management will complement ChartDesk’s collaborative mailbox solution to support clients through successful transformations.
Source: ChartDesk

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