Car carrier with EVs major fire, North sea UPDATES 1500 UTC Jul 27

UPDATE 0530 UTC Jul 27: Dutch Coast Guard once again underlined fears arising from usual firefighting practice of pouring massive amounts of water on burning object – it might lead to loss of stability and capsizing, with big-scale pollution. Salvors don’t know if fire is concentrated on decks above waterline, or spread to decks below waterline, too.
Salvors stick to the only sensible and safe plan, under the circumstances – to do whatever possible to keep vessel stable, try to mitigate fire whenever possible, and monitor situation, first of all vessel’s condition and stability.

UPDATE 1500 UTC Jul 26: The main aim of salvors is to save the ship from sinking, to avoid mass pollution – said Dutch authorities. Meaning is, they can’t pour onto vessel too much water, because it will lead to stability loss. Or they’d be able to do it after they’d manage to control ship’s stability. Or else, they’d have to wait and control what they can, until everything on fire burns out. The ship’s adrift, AIS off since around 1100 UTC.

UPDATE 0555 UTC Jul 26: 1 crew member died, some 16 crew are treated in hospital, with respiratory problems.
Coast Guard and emergency services were alerted around midnight Jul 26 about major fire on board of car carrier

FREMANTLE HIGHWAY in North sea, off Dutch coast. The ship with 2857 cars on board, including 25 EV, left Bremerhaven at around 1430 UTC Jul 25, bound for Egypt, fire erupted at around 2130 UTC Jul 25. FREMANTLE HIGHWAY went NUC and is drifting since then, with AIS still on. Fire erupted on cargo deck, probably spread to other decks, 23 crew were rescued, with some of them having to jump in water to save themselves from fire.
Reportedly, tugs and SAR ships gathered around car carrier, avoid using water to fight fire, fearing, obviously, loss of stability. The ship is said to already develop a list.

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