Black Sea shipping’s future cast into doubt

Just what’s next for the precarious state of shipping in the Black Sea region? The topic forms the lead in the July issue of Splash Extra published today with expert analysis from the likes of Arrow, Drewry, Jefferies, Shipfix, Signal and Simpson Spence Young and follows a tumultuous 10 days where a shipping pact between warring neighbours Ukraine and Russia ended, and many seaports came under bombardment as well as infrastructure along the Danube River.

Elsewhere in the monthly subscription title there’s regular market analysis of the main shipping sectors, a roundup of key sale and purchase developments, as well as the pick of the best analyst commentary this month. July’s in-depth feature eyes the market for engine retrofits, assessing how many of today’s ships could see their engines changed to run on greener fuels as well as giving readers an idea of what type of ship makes an ideal candidate for conversion.

Published on the last Wednesday of every month and priced for as little as $200 a year, Splash Extra serves as a concise monthly snapshot, ensuring readers are on top of where the shipping markets are headed. For more details on Splash Extra subscriptions, click here.

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