BIMCO applauds Panama for pragmatic approach to crew change

Facilitation of crew change through Panama is now possible. Clear references are made to the crew change protocols proposed by BIMCO, ICS and other industry stakeholders.

With clear references to crew change protocols suggested by BIMCO, ICS and other industry stakeholders in IMO circular 4204/Add. 14, the Panama Maritime Authority have allowed for facilitation of crew change and repatriation through Panama since 11 June.

The revised protocol implemented in Panama operates with a scenario for repatriation of Panamanian seafarers overseas and additional scenarios for seafarers of all nationalities travelling through Panama in the following:

• Repatriation or change of combined crew
• Transfer of crew from ship to ship
• Group repatriation of Panamanian crew by ship
• Repatriation ship-to-ship under intermediate land
• Change of crew, Panamanian for Panamanian
• Change of crew, foreigner for Panamanian

BIMCO is monitoring restrictions to crew mobility and provide a variety of information on the topic to the shipping industry such as:

• Details about implementation measures
• Overview of challenges to crew mobility
• Overview of extensions and exceptions to seafarers’ certificates

BIMCO encourages stakeholders in the industry to take full advantage of the information offered and encourages relevant stakeholders to share new information with BIMCO via [email protected]
Source: BIMCO

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