Berg Propulsion Invests in Single Campus Manufacturing Location in Sweden

Leading manufacturer of mechanically and electrically driven propulsion systems and marine controls for vessels, Berg Propulsion will invest in the centralization of all manufacturing operations for controllable pitch propellers, azimuthing and transverse thrusters, and associated control systems to a single campus location in Sweden.

Currently, manufacturing operations are located across two separate campuses in Sweden and Singapore. Investments made by Berg Propulsion to merge manufacturing operations at one global location will enable increased warehouse capacity for spare parts and swing units.

The consolidation of the two facilities is planned to take place during the remainder of 2020 with further investment plans for increased assembly and warehouse capacity to support aftermarket support to be completed by the beginning of 2021.

Investments made in building a stronger manufacturing infrastructure follow the recent acquisition of Berg Propulsion, by Stefan Sedersten.

Stefan Sedersten, CEO Berg Propulsion says: “This change signifies the consolidation of manufacturing operations currently located in Singapore and Sweden. With this move we will form a single campus operation across all product lines located in Sweden just next to our R&D group.”

Jon Töyrä, CFO Berg Propulsion says: “We have a long history of producing products in both Sweden and Singapore using the same process and quality systems for the three main product lines in both locations over the years. As we now invest in establishing a single campus operation it enables us to better utilize our footprint and make investments into increased velocity through the synergies of the widespread parts commonality between our products.”

Joel Edman, After Sales Director Berg Propulsion says: “Our ability to serve our customers centers around our ability to provide high velocity services for spare parts and swing units. This investment enables us to further increase our service levels and speed to market with aftermarket support being at the very heart of our strategy.”

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Wang Xiaohua, Managing Director East Berg Propulsion says: “The market feedback from the recent announcement has so far been positive and customers remember the Berg brand. We look forward to working closer with all of our customers and partners as we form the new Berg Propulsion company and further invest in our business.”

Stefan Sedersten

Source: Berg Propulsion

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