AXSMarine adds several modules to its all-in-one Tanker chartering solution for competitive shipbrokers

AXSMarine, a pioneer and market leader in the provision of advanced solutions for shipping professionals, marks its 20th anniversary by boosting the AXSTanker platform – an online tool for shipbrokers to manage their chartering and ship-tracking activities and gain market insights, using commercial and technical data refined by AIS signals to provide 24/7 coverage.

The first module to be added to AXSTanker is the AXSMarine API Hub – a solution providing fully flexible shipping patterns through up-to-date raw data. With its full control options, auto-populated data, and security by design, AXSMarine’s API Hub gives its users the freedom to excel at modern-day market analysis.

Another update to AXSTanker is AXSInsights – AXSMarine’s latest portal for actionable shipping trends in the form of pre-set analysis visualisations. It is the combination of powerful big data and simple graphic presentations, allowing users to uncover engaging stories and show impactful reports to the audience.

The third addition, coming soon to AXSTanker, will be AXSReader – the tool to thoroughly scan and organize complex shipping data. AXSReader will access the data from a company mailbox and will process it without the user opening a single email. It will retrieve the relevant info, ignoring spam and keeping the data private, protected and safe through automation.

AXSTanker also includes Trade Flows and AXSMail. According to AXSMarine, Trade Flows is the ultimate solution to analyse ship and commodity movements, reducing the market analysis costs and aiding its users in making faster and better-informed decisions. AXSMail is a web-based email platform, securely accessible anywhere around the globe, for you to generate your tonnage circulars in one click.
Source: AXSMarine

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