Adnavem, the marketplace for intermodal logistics, establishes sales offices in Stockholm & southern Sweden

The Swedish based tech-company Adnavem is expanding its operations in Sweden and establishes offices in Stockholm & Malmö. Philip Anderberg is the new sales executive in Stockholm and Nina Karlsson will cover the southern parts of Sweden in a similar role.

“There are many curious transport buyers who want to digitize and streamline their logistics. We are extremely happy that we can grow during this difficult time. With two new salespeople in different parts of Sweden, we hope to help more companies digitize their logistics,” says Andreas Wramsmyr, CEO & founder of Adnavem.

Finally, a change in the industry!

Philip Anderberg has previously worked for the IT consulting company Consid where he was Key Account Manager, and Maersk where he worked with incoming sales inquiries.

“For a very long time, I was wondering why there was no portal out there that simplifies processes around transport. When I ran into Adnavem, it felt like a journey I wanted to be a part of. I look forward to showing many modern transport buyers how they can save time and money by digitizing and automate,” says Philip Anderberg, Sales Executive at Adnavem.

Nina Karlsson is graduating this spring in strategic purchasing and procurement. She previously held the position as a purchaser at Swede-Wheel. She also has a background as a freight forwarder.

“When I first heard about Adnavem my first thought was, finally, there is a change in the industry! After eight years as a freight forwarder and six years as a transport buyer, it has occurred to me countless times that there must be a simpler and cheaper way to ship goods. Since my first meeting with Adnavem, the feeling is further strengthened and now I am proud to be a part of the transformation”, says Nina Karlsson, Sales Executive at Adnavem.

“Adnavem is a marketplace that facilitates communication and cooperation between transport buyers and logistics suppliers. By automating the process and taking control of data & information, companies save money, enables for greener choices, and can optimize their logistics flows,” says Andreas Wramsmyr.

Adnavem was founded in Sweden in 2017 and is now present in Sweden, China and Singapore. The mission is to transform the transport and logistics industry by providing a new disruptive digitalised way of buying transport and logistics services. With no middleman, we eliminate extra costs and maximize transparency. We give the cargo owner full and instant control. Service providers get access to new potential customers in the marketplace and can establish long-term relationships.
Source: Advanem

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