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The Standard Club: Open Policy Years And Renewal 2021

The committee reviewed the Class’s financial position, the open policy years, and the requirements for the 2021 renewal at its meeting on 13 November 2020. The committee reviewed the release calls for the open policy years, 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21,and confirmed

APM Terminals sets all-time volume records in Brazil

Despite the pandemic, APM Terminals Pecém, in Ceará, has set two consecutive records this year with a best-ever September performance of 41,000 TEUs followed by a record-breaking October result of 46,705 TEUs. For the first 10 months, the Pecém Terminal reports

Paris MoU report on CIC 2019: 48 ship detentions and 526 deficiencies

It is concerning that during the CIC, 526 deficiencies were recorded, related specifically to Emergency Systems and Procedures and that 48 ships were detained as a result of the CIC, the Paris MoU report on CIC stresses. The results show that