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Central Mare: full speed ahead with new GEA marine Separator

New, global legal requirements for marine protection and ever-increasing environmental awareness among the general public, along with the marine sector’s own desire to be more sustainable, means shipping companies are taking a close look at the fuels and lubricants they use

Floating storage of oil cargoes

Due to a combination of circumstances there is now a worldwide shortage of storage space ashore for both unrefined and refined oil products of all types. As such there is a now growing demand for oil tankers to be used as

Kuehne + Nagel expands its AI-enabled road logistics platform eTrucknow to Singapore

Kuehne + Nagel has launched its AI-enabled digital road logistics platform in Singapore. eTrucknow bridges the supply and demand of road logistics via a digital marketplace, bringing a faster way for customers to book trucks and an easier way for