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ZIM: New Service Launched in Record Time to Cater to the Growing eCommerce Market Demand

ZIM is pleased to announce the launch of a new, speedy, dedicated service from South China to Los Angeles US West Coast – Speedy ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX). Designed to cater to the increasing needs of eCommerce customers, especially now due

Cai Mep International Terminal welcomes maiden call of TP17 service

Cai Mep international terminal (CMIT) successfully welcomed the maiden call of the TP17 service deployed by 2M alliance, this week. TP17 is a transpacific service with a fleet of more than 10 very large container ships with a capacity of up

Indian seafarers lost 2,520 jobs on ships due to Covid induced restrictions on crew change

Indian seafarers lost some 2,520 jobs on board ships between March 23 and May 30 as the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government to slow the spread of coronavirus derailed crew change plans both in India and overseas. Between March 23