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The Tai Prize Appeal | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

This case relates to a consignment of beans that were damaged before loading, where the shipper should have known about the condition of the cargo upon loading. When presented with a draft bill of lading describing the cargo as: 63,366.150 metric

Stranded livestock carrier returns to Spain after months at sea

To remind, the Karim Allah left the Mediterranean port of Cartagena on December 17, carrying onboard approximately 895 cattle, destined for sale in Turkey. A second ship, the ElBeik, set sail the next day from Tarragona with a cargo of nearly

When stowaways turn violent – SAFETY4SEA

As reported by news channels, the tanker was in the English Channel when seven stowaways, who boarded in Nigeria, turned against the crew. The crew, fearing for their safety, retreated to the vessel’s citadel. The UK maritime special forces unit, the