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Tindall Riley & Co Limited and Britannia P&I appoint Richard Heppell as Chief Financial Officer Designate

Richard Heppell has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer Designate for Tindall Riley & Co Limited and Britannia P&I. Richard joins on 6 September, having recently served as the CFO for Neon, the specialist insurer and Lloyd’s managing agent. “We are

Cargo Integrity Group calls for risk-based measures to prevent pest contamination

The international freight transport organisations of the Cargo Integrity Group are calling for urgent action from actors in global supply chains to reduce the risk of pest transference through international cargo movements. The five partners[i] in the Cargo Integrity Group, known

IMO 2020 and beyond: Guidelines for fuel oil sampling and designated sampling points

The club previously published an artice on the ‘sampling of fuel oil used on board (PSC enforcement criteria)’. This article was published based on the outcome of the 74th session of IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC-74). During MEPC-75 meeting, that