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A smart choice: UK High Court confirms shipowner had an unfettered right to collect freight under its bills of lading even whilst on time charter

Today the High Court has issued an important judgment clarifying that ordinarily an owner is not liable to pay damages to a charterer if it collects freight due under its bills of lading even where no sums are due under a

UK Club issues crew health advice on haemorrhoids

Sophia Bullard, Crew Health Director at UK P&I Club, discusses haemorrhoids, its impact on crew and the effect on seafarer repatriation and claims: “Haemorrhoids, or piles, which are abnormally enlarged veins in the walls of the rectum and anus, have been

Parana River Low Waters | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

Our listed correspondent in Argentina, Pandi Liquidadores SRL, have provided us with an update on the historically low waters observed on the Parana River, which continues to remain critical. Due to the low levels, the Coast Guard have issued a new